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What People Say About Their Experience With Us!

Submit your experience that you have had with us and let the world know! From classes, being in a show, to being in our audience. We want to hear from you!

I have been working with TJB Productions for years. And every year it gets better and better. TJB Productions Inc. is very professional. They take time out to work with not only the models but the vocalists and dancers as well. TJB Productions let you spread your wings. Giving you the opportunity to learn, get experience and, receive your own professional promo pics. I have such a great time every year to have the opportunity to work with the Artist's, Vocalists, and Dancers. Todd & James and the Staff work very hard to give you a professional show. I give TJB Productions 10 + . DeMonica Flye

Hey now! I am not sure how to express my excitement. However, I will say this. I have enjoyed myself immensely. OMG! Words can't begin to express how this opportunity has afforded me my liberty and helped me explore new horizons and parts of me that I didn't even know were there. Lol. Thank you Todd and Carmilla for the chance to express my self. Even releasing my inhibitions. It was exuberate explosive and liberating. This experience has awaken me, freeing me of the fear I once had. Can't wait to do more. Love Mel E. 

 This was a whole new experience for me almost 4 years ago, this will be my fourth show for the 10th anniversary show. I was asked by a friend that was already apart of TJB Productions, if I had ever modeled before, and I just kind of giggled and said "hardly" haha. She told me about TJB Productions classes, and everything involved in it, and I had to just jump onto the experience, and I am so so glad I did! Since working with this company it has opened me up to so many photoshoot opporutnites and gained a whole new family of friends. We all get to start this experience together and end the experience together which just brings us closer and closer together, and we want to achieve bigger things every year! THANK YOU TJB PRODUCTIONS! Now thats now were it the second year I was asked by carmilla, an amazing and highly talented dance choreographer and instructor, if I would join the dance troop! I laughed so hard because ladies and gentlemen its no secret, I was not a dancer, and it was something I never had interest in. I stayed after to try the dance class one day, and she noticed I caught on pretty quickly, so I agreed to be in ONE dance for the show...but no I was in 3! and it was the best experience, and now I have a new love and respect for dancing. This company helps you build confidence,friends,modeling career opportunities, and so many more unexpected memories and opportunities!

April Withrow

This was such an amazing experience for me. I had so much fun do the show and I can't wait until the next one. Thank you, Todd, James, and Carmilla for allowing me to be apart of your vision.❤❤❤

Alexandria Wright

I came in as a brand new model, with no experience and a lot of stage fright! Todd and the crew helped me feel so welcome, and confident by the time we were done- I was a different Woman! Not only is Todd very professional, he is also just a deeply caring person. We became more than a team, we are Family now. Going through this experience helped me show more confidence at work in front of my peers and supervisors, helping me to move up in my career. It also helped me to become a better yoga teacher by increasing my ability to hold attention and stand in front of a crowd with ease! What a great experience, and I can't wait to do it again!

JaVon Padget


I was at the show last night in Minneapolis and I was BLOWN AWAY. It was such an incredible collection of talent and I was entertained and incredibly inspired.

Thank you for a beautiful evening!

Alice Bolton

Thank YOU!! Everyone said they had such an amazing time, and I had several ladies tell me that they were going to buy the lingerie and outfits I was wearing🖤👽🖤👽

Such a cool experience. Can't stop smiling!


My oh my oh my. I had such an excited explosive evening. As I am yet basking in the freedom of being. Thank you soooo much. As you probably know how freeing this was for me. OMG!! My friends who were able to attend raved about the whole show. Elaborated on the pole segment and how HOT it was in particularly. However, over all how amazing the show was. Just elab a little more on how freeing this was for me. It was explosive. I feel now that there is nothing I can't do. Provided I choose to.

Melvin Earl

I just want to express my gratitude for an amazing night of adult fun! I enjoyed being your Mistress of Ceremony and playing with everyone! The energy was ah-mazing!!! Thanks again to Todd Blunt, James McMurrayCarmilla and the rest of E.S. 9 family for the opportunity to FLIRT! 😉

Miss Behavin

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