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Guiding You in Growing as an Artist

Build on your skills and share it with the world with TJB Academy for Performing Arts.  We seek out talent within Minneapolis, MN and beyond. Through our programs, we will help you develop your gift and reach your goals.


Whether you are a novice or experienced, our organization will help you realize your dreams!



Educational Programs


Vocal Coaching, All Experience Levels Welcome!


TJB Academy for Performing Arts is looking for aspiring singers, speakers, broadcasters from beginner to advanced who are looking to expand their knowledge. We offer vocal coaching for all experience levels. Training is 8 weeks in length. Once completed with your coaching and upon approval of the instructor, you can be eligible to showcase what you have learned in future events and shows that are produced through us. 

The program will help you fine tune your voice for whether you are a singer, speaking engagements, podcast, or radio/TV. (Assessment of your current vocal capacity is done prior to starting). Communication is key to any good relationship!

 Register today to setup your personal 8 week program! 


Performance Modeling, All Experience Levels Welcome!

We will teach and or enhance your skills in:

  • Basic Runway Walk
  • Confidence and Presence
  • History
  • Choreography
  • Performance Modeling
  • Editorial, (Photo Shoot Fundamentals)

Spring/Summer 4 week programs begin in May 2024!

Tell a friend about us today. At TJB Academy for Performing Arts, you are more than just a model, you are a performer!  

If you are interested in taking classes, they are a 8 week commitment.  1 hour on Sundays 

Please send your request for Performance Modeling through the form below.  

(Class size is limited)

Dance Program, All Experience Levels Welcome!


If you are 18 years old, and have wanted to try modeling but thought you just didn't fit the mold, think again. With TJB Academy for Performing Arts, you will be more than a person walking on the runway, you are an artist!

The course is 8 weeks, once a week in a group setting. Anyone can be a soloist, but can you work in a group? We will make sure you can! Our program is for beginners as well as intermediate/advanced.  

Once you have completed the program, you could be eligible to be in our upcoming shows and events!  Benefits in being a cast member are:

  • Photo shoot
  • Video recording of the show
  • Additional training
  • Photos from the show
  • Many more!

Your journey can begin with us!  


Whether you have experience or not, our dance training is catered to both! "Not all knowledge is learned in one school". So when you walk through the door everyone is treated the same no matter what your background or skill level.

Our instructor will help guide you through the following disciplines:

  • Modern
  • Interpretive
  • Lyrical
  • Hip Hop

"Anyone can be a solo artist, but can you be a group artist?" We will work with you to become the best dancer you can be! 

Winter Classes begin January 14th, 2024!  Register Today!

Hawaiian Studies and Hula


Hula is not just a dance, it embodies the Hawaiian people, its history, culture, and traditions.  It is a language itself.  Todd Bierbrauer has been connected to Hawaii and its rich history for years along with teaching Hula.  TJB Academy for Performing Arts now has added this program as a part of our curriculum.

This program will include the following:

  • Exploring the art of Hula, (Kahiko and Auana Styles)

  • Understanding the cultural and historical aspects of Hula

  • Learning to chant

  • Hawaiian Mythology

  • Introduction to the Hawaiian language

  • Lei making

  • Costume design  

  • And more!

Dance experience is not necessary. 

All genders are welcome!

Adults 18 years and up

Tahitian Studies and Dance

The heart of the Tahitian culture is Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance). Many stories are passed down from ancient times to the present. Within each song, with every beat of the drum, the power of the Tahitian people is felt.

You will experience how to tell stories with your hands and express your emotions through the art of Ori Tahiti. 

This is an ongoing program, and you will be immersed in the traditions and culture of Tahiti. 


Within the program you will be learning:

  • History of Ori Tahiti and the culture 

  • Meaning of Aparima, Ote’a and Hivanau

  • Basic steps to variations of classic to individual improvisation.

  • Costume making and the meaning 

  • And more!

Dance experience is not necessary

All genders are welcome! 

Adults 18 years and up


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